3 Stimmy Aids For Studying And Working From Home

Thanks to the once-in-a-century pandemic we have seen ourselves stuck with, even after a year, working from home (sometimes abbreviated as WFH) looks set to be a fixture of our working lives for the future. It’s likely to still continue after the pandemic finally recedes, too.

Working in your own environment means you have more control over the sensory input, enabling more self regulation. Adding stim toys can help a lot, especially because stimming has benefits for everyone. These are the three basic essentials that everyone needs to begin with.



The tangle is a recurring favourite within the Autistic community, especially because of the several boxes this little toy ticks. A tangle is a discreet stim toy, and is usually noiseless as well. They are small enough to stick in your pocket, and being made of plastic allows it to be extremely portable as well. With Zoom meetings likely to be a staple of our work diet for a long time, and probably after the pandemic as well, a tangle can be used off camera discreetly.


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It’s the stim toy that gave this very website its name, with so many different, varying shapes available as well! A fidgipop is a popular stim aid you have probably seen a lot on Instagram, especially because they have grown a lot in popularity recently.

A Fidgipop is a flat toy in a particular shape, such as a polar bear or a cat. Balls on the service can be manipulated to create a popping sound, similar to what you would get with a fidget cube. The noise that is created is incredibly satisfying, and can be addictive (with its stimmy quality), too. It will leave you with a sense of satisfaction as well. If you work such as by typing, or creating illustrations, it will likely involve a lot of creativity - and, on top of Zoom meetings, this can be incredibly draining. A Fidgipop is something that could act as an effective antidote, especially if you are a sensory seeker. Executive functioning issues may may finishing and completing tasks difficult, but this is such a great and preventative tool.


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Fidget spinner

A fidget spinner rose to an (in)famous level, thanks to internet noterority - but are still a tool originally designed for Autistic people, regardless. A fidget spinner is small, and can be held in your hands as well; individuals have described using them as focusing your mind, as if everything just becomes clear while using. It’s basically shaped like a flat space ship, something that you rotate with your thumb and index finger. Stimming can help, especially when it comes to productivity reasons. (Spoiler: it has a hugely positive impact on productivity.) Spinners can also be ADHD friendly as well. Experiencing a lot of Zoom meetings, or having to finish many projects to quite quick deadlines? Stay cool under pressure with your very neat fidget spinner.


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To stim freely is to be your best Autistic self; stimming benefits everyone - not just people who are considered to be Neurodiverse. By making your workplace a stim friendly environment, you are doing a lot for your co-workers.