5 Autism Podcast by Autistic Creators

April is sometimes a dread month for some Autistic individuals; dubbed as ‘Awareness Month’, misguided campaigns take place to help Autistic individuals. You will probably see a lot of posts about ABA therapy, puzzle piece symbols - as well as mantras such as Red Instead, and Nothing About Us Without Us.   

If 2020 was defined by the concept of being an ally, then the work around awareness month can continue all for the rest of the year, and beyond. Learning, and wanting to learn, is important to be an ally to Autistic individuals. An easy way to do this is by listening to podcasts! And we have rounded up five of our favourites for you to listen to.  


21 & Sensory  

Emily is the brains behind 21 & Sensory; it’s a blog, an Instagram page, and there is a podcast to match, too! An illustrator by trade, Emily is Autistic, and also has a few other neurodiverse conditions. This podcast alternates between a check in with her, with other episodes where guests also feature. (Spoiler: the person writing this was one of them!) To be challenged about your world views, or to have the Autism diagnostic process demystified just that little bit more for you, this is the podcast you need to listen to.  


1800 Seconds On Autism  

1800 Seconds On Autism is a monthly BBC podcast, and is hosted by Jamie Knight and Robyn Steward. Both presenters are on the spectrum, and a wide range of issues are talked about - including being Autistic and having Covid 19, why healthcare is not always open to us, education, employment, and so much more. A lot is explained about being Autistic, but it leaves you with a feel good feeling at the end of each and every episode. Oh, and special guests also don’t hurt, too/  


The Aspie World Podcast  

You have seen him on YouTube, and now he is coming to your ears - in downloadable, auditory form. The Aspie World is a popular YouTube channel masterminded by Dan Jones, an Autistic man who talks you through topical issues related to being Autistic. The podcast is effectively the YouTube videos translated to podcast form.  


Sensory Matters  

ChewiGem has recently rebranded, due to a technical issue with the main website - but Sensory Matters is the matching podcast with the brand. The seasons may be irregular, but they are based around all things neurodiversity. Rather than thinking that everything must always be incumbent on Autistic people to adapt to an unforgiving world, this is the ultimate example of how accessibility can be useful for all. There are easy to use hacks and tips, and there are some special guests every so often, too.  


Word Of The Mouth  

Okay, this is a podcast not necessarily by an Autistic person - but needs flagging for the utterly beautiful content. Micheal Rosen narrates this radio programme which you can find on most podcast apps; the Autism related episode shows him using his Neurotypical privilege to give space away to an Autistic individual. He is respectful, and polite - and this is so compelling, thanks to this not being shown often.  

What podcasts do you listen to about Autism? Let us know in the comments below.