5 Essential Stim Toys For Your Sensory Kit

Sensory kits are something of a mythical legend among some Autistic individuals. Essentially, as a way of coping with a world not built for Neurodivergent individuals, one coping strategy is to have a small kit of sensory aids to take around with you. This could be in a pouch, for example - or even more general, down to if you wear a particular jumper when you go out on public transport.

Here, we have put together a list of five essential items that we believe ever single Autistic individual should have in their sensory kit.



The humble tangle is a particular favourite among Autistic individuals, especially because it allows for discreet stimming. A tangle can be wrapped around your thumb over and over again, it can be shaken, and the best part is this; it makes no noise what so ever! It’s great for studying, and does not distract anyone else round you either. Plus, it can also be attached to most lanyards as well.

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Peas In A Pod keyring

Prior to being diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum, were you ever told to stop tapping your fingers, to stop fiddling? If you experienced that, then this is the exact kind of aid you should have in your life. The Peas In A Pod keyring is made for continual popping - and you can take it with you wherever you go. And you can get your own on this very website.



Squishy is a kind of catch-all term for a variety of things - such as stuffed small animals that you can buy from places such as Amazon and Aldi. But these squishes are small, pocket sized animals that you can get - and there is ten in total. If you find yourself attached to objects, or if you have animals as a special interest, then this is the fidget you definitely need in your life!

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Fidget Cube

Ah, a legendary sensory stim toy if ever there was one! The fidget cube is exactly as it sounds - a cube that you can keep in your pocket, and each side has a different ‘fidget’ to it, such as a clicker, or a ball that you can move round with your palm. This fidget is somewhat legendary because of internet fame - and is still incredibly popular. Just know that this fidget can be noisy, and sometimes it is not always looked upon favourably in public settings, such as in education.

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FidgiPops - Polar Bear - Pop It Fidget Toy

This is a fidget that is known by several different names across the online world - but it is what gave Fidgipops its namesake. It’s a ‘pop it’ fidget toy - one where you essentially pop the balls on the base of the shape in and out, complete with a satisfying clunk. You can even get versions that have a game for you to play, too! These have become very popular - and we think that you will love the polar bear version, too.

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The world outside your front door may not be suited to Autistic individuals - and it can be hard to cope at times, too. But by implementing some basic strategies - such as constructing your very own sensory kit - there will be benefits, including anxiety reduction and emotional regulation.